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This game was created for my final project in my Coursera course for Michigan State University. 

I developed this game using Assets provided to us by our instructors Brian Winn and Casey O'Donnell from MSU.  I also used FREE Assets provided by the Unity3D Asset Store.  I am currently working on a list to provide credit for those creators of the assets used.

<<<  Game Briefing  >>>

This is just a run-N-gun shooter.  You are in a training simulation in case the paranormal entities of this world were to invade!

Basic FPS controls, WSAD to move the player and use the mouse to AIM and SHOOT!

Race the clock in eliminating all the targets in each level.  Some are hard to find, good luck!

Install instructions

IF and WHEN you download the game, you should see a .RAR / .ZIP file in your downloads.  Extract the files and locate the executable labeled PRTwindows.  Double click that and the game should load to a small splash screen showing screen settings.  Set the settings to you wish, and play!


WindowsPRT.rar 261 MB

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